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Forgive me if this is unhelpful in any way. This is the first critique that I have ever written here on dA. Overall, this is a well exe...




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United States
Hi, everyone! I'm Linnea, also known as Nike. I'm a student artist at my local high school who is currently aspiring to be some sort of medical professional (I haven't quite made up my mind as to what field... But I'm working on that.). Despite my tendencies to be a math and science type of gal, I have a love a various forms of art and use creative expression as an outlet.

Personally, my favorite medium to work with is pencil, mainly for its on-the-go versatility; although, I like charcoal as well, especially for capturing the darkest darks. For colored works, I tend to favor acrylic paints, mainly for their cost effectiveness, but if I have the chance to work with oils, I'll take it in a heartbeat. I'm working on building my digital art skills, which I also like to use for color, but do to my ever time consuming studies, I haven't been able to give it much practice.

Other notes about me. I'm a junior in high school who's taking too many AP courses for her own good. I'm a field hockey player, and love the sport as well as CrossFit. I'm a Star Wars fan, music junkie, and I'd happily answer your comments, questions, notes, etc.

Requests are CLOSED for the general public! I will no longer be taking requests, unless you are one of my close dA friends.

My dA Buddies
First, an update. I started filling out college applications... Yay... Not really. I'll also be starting a new job soon, so even less time for art. Oh well... Those tuition bills don't pay themselves unfortunately. 

Well as with most things in life, I've procrastinated on filling this out. Now I'm using this to procrastinate on other things... Summer school work and college applications. Hehe... Anyways, I was tagged by Sir-Saboteur

The rules
- Choose an OC to answer the following questions.
- You can skip three questions if you wish to keep the answers secret to your watchers, and avoid spoiling them about your character's story
- Tag 5 people. When have I actually tagged people?

I'm going to choose my character Hayden Graves (Charahub Profile): portrait sketch

What's your name?
“My name is Hayden Graves. I'm from a middle-class American family living in the year 2584 C.E." 

How old are you?
“I'm currently 29 years old."

Where and when were you born?
“I was born in Bennington, Vermont, on October 20th, 2555." 

Who are your parents?
“Dante Graves is my father. Not an extraordinary man, but certainly the best dad I could ask for. My mother is Daphne Springer; like my father, she's an excellent parent."

What are they doing for a living?
“My father is an accountant for a small business in Bennington; he also independently records and produces music. My mother teaches at an elementary school and, over the summer, she runs summer school sessions and tutors." 

Do you have any siblings?
“Yeah, I have two younger sisters: Ashton and Crystal." 

Who took you in their arms for the first time?
“I'm not going to lie, I don't really know. But if we're going back to when I was born, probably the doctor or midwife dealing with my agonized yet joyful mother." 

Is this person the one you love the most in your life?
“I don't really have anyone that I love the most. That would indicate favoritism, but doctors and such aside, I definitely love my mother. And I'm pretty sure she held me before my dad was allowed to even touch me. She always gives him a hard time for being a klutz." 

What are you afraid of?
“I fear very abstract things I suppose. Like not having a sense of purpose. Or becoming numb to the world. I've been there, and I shudder to think of ever returning to it." 

Who are you afraid of?
“I don't really fear anyone... If you were asking if I strongly disliked anyone. Well, that would be much longer list. I'm not a people person." 

When you're alone, what do you think of?
“My place in this world, my role in the plans of the organization I'm currently affiliated with. The future. The future is definitely hazy at this point. Very hazy."

Your worst memory?
“During high school, one of my best friends attempted to commit suicide. Thankfully, she failed. But I felt so scared in that moment when she called me to say she had overdosed on painkillers and had cut too deep. Besides calling emergency services, I felt so helpless. I couldn't make things better for her, and that killed me inside." 

Does it still haunts you?
“To some extent, yes. I mean, she's doing much better now. But there has been times that she's relapsed and has to be hospitalized. I want to make it go away, but brain chemistry is something that I can't fix. If I don't hear from her for prolonged periods of time, I get anxious, thinking that she might have slipped back into a severely depressed state." 

Softer things:
Who comforts you when you feel bad?
“Usually one of my friends, either Valkyrie - who's my long time friend. Or Evelynne. Both of them are incredibly reliable." 

“We usually just talk. They both let me vent to them which helps keep my emotional tension to a minimum." 

Is this person the one you love the most?
“Eh, I wouldn't say that."

What do you do to spend time together?
“Movie marathons, coffee outings, slam poetry events. Nothing too complicated. Time spent together is precious no matter what we do." 

Who are your best friends?
“Hmm... That's certainly not an easy question for me to answer. I have a lot of people that I'm close to. I'll leave it at that."

What is your best memory?
“Finally graduating high school. My last two years were mental and social hell, and I needed out. College let me have a fresh start and redefine myself as a person. I could explore limits that weren't possible before with so many different opportunities opened. It was a refreshing change of pace that helped to mold me into my current self." 

About your future:
What is your biggest dream, or your goal in life?
“I know this sounds cheesy, but I want to make this world a better place. Even if it takes extreme ideas." 

Do you want to get married one day?
"I suppose. Maybe. It's not on my list of priorities. I'm not quite at a stage where I can commit to a relationship." 

Do you want to have kids?
“Possibly. Although Val thinks I'd be great with kids, I'm not. At all. Well, actually, her cousins and I tend to be on the same wavelength, but other than that. I'd better have damn good partner, because I'm a lost cause on my own." 

Do you project yourself into the future?
“As I said, the future's quite unclear right now. I'm just going with the flow of things at this point, trying to keep my head above water." 

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